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Are Green Buildings The Next Big Sustainable Alternative For Industrialists?

The sensitive condition of the environment on one hand and increasing demands for well-built structures on the other necessitates the construction of green buildings produced by Adler Steels India. Adler is one of the fastest-growing building solution providers of Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB). And on this auspicious occasion of Diwali, we would like to throw some light on the environment-friendly side of Pre Engineered Buildings.

On March 2016, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) added a new category of white industries to existing green, orange, and red ones. The categorization of industries is based on the Pollution Index (PI) which is obtained from the quantity of emissions (air pollutants), effluents (water pollutants), hazardous wastes generated and consumption of resources.

Pre Engineered Buildings make life easier for everybody using it as it is one of the best alternatives out there for conventional concrete buildings. Here are five environment-friendly facts about PEB that explain how it is one of the best things for the environment in the current times:


The industries are divided into four categories based on their pollution index (PI). PEB falls under the least polluting category of industries i.e., white category, making it one of the 36 non-polluting industries that omit the minimal amount of environmental wastes. According to Shri Prakash Javadekar (MoEFCC), “the new categories of White Industries are practically non-polluting.”


Opting for PEB not only saves resources and energy but also a lot of our money. How, you ask?

  • Silver, as well as white trapezoidal profile roofing sheets, are used in PEB which, by reflecting solar radiation, keeps the interior cool and saves energy use by 30% or more.
  • Installing high-performance insulation right below the Aluminium Zinc Coated Roofing Sheets minimises the capture of outer temperature up to 97% through the walls and roof panels. Therefore, consuming less energy and keeping the structure cool in summers and warm in winters.
  • The effective design and polycarbonate sheets reduce the need for electricity as the maximum amount of natural lighting enters the building during the day which helps in creating a healthy work environment.


PEB does not require environment clearance (EC) and consent from the state to be manufactured. EC is to assess the impact of the planned project on the environment and people, which further tries to minimize the same. PEB fabrication emits a considerable low amount of environmental waste and is an overall boon for the society and businessmen alike.


Fabricating Pre Engineered Buildings takes almost no amount of water. And any water used is returned back to the source, making it a greener alternative in comparison to conventional buildings. Furthermore, gutters, and downspouts help in collecting rainwater which can be further reused. The resources required to produce steel structures are more sustainable and recyclable than concrete.


The steel used in PEB is more durable, long-lived and lasting. The structures are sturdy and resistant to adverse weather conditions, moisture, fire, and termites. Unlike many other construction materials, the material can be reused at the end of the building’s life. It can be easily disassembled, reassembled and moved to one location from the other, ultimately saving a huge amount of resources.

Constructing pieces off-site reduces pollution, material wastage and disturbance of job sites. Fabricating these pieces on the site protects the nearby area and makes minimal disruption of flora and fauna. In addition to it, less on-site traffic and transportation saves fossil fuel consumption and reduces carbon footprint.

Adler Steels India provides you with high-quality Pre Engineered Steel Buildings that are robust. PEB fabrication is not only an environment-friendly fabrication and construction but it will also stand for a long, long period of time with minimal maintenance. The impact on the environment is highly reduced with the construction industry upgrading to metal buildings. All these factors are not only resource-saving but also cost-saving for the owners and end-users. Let us all pledge to do our part for the environment by choosing green buildings.

Choose PEB, choose Adler Steels for a better environment inside and out.

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